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Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc. World Missions

Dr. Jack Morgan

Chairman: Missions Department

Chairman: Rev. Dr. Jack Morgan
Secretary/Treasurer: Paula Morgan
Committee Member: 


National Coordinators
Northern Ireland: Rev. James Burney

Scotland:Rev. Robert Evans

National Coordinator  
Rev. Ronie J. Estay

National Coordinators   
Rev. Alfred Morgan
Rev. Febe Morgan


National Coordinator 
Rev. Stacy Keith Jackson
National Chairman: Rev. Donald Soriano
Vice-Chairman: Rev. Celia B. Soriano
National Secretary: Rev. Anita O. Gomaya
National Treasurer: Rev. Agusto B.Gomaya
National Commitee Members
Rev. Angelo Cayabas
Rev. Santiago Domalio
Rev. Noli Tinong

Dr. Hazel A. Rayl

President AIGA

From the very begining in 1962, the AIGA has been a missionary minded association.
Your support of the AIGA Missionary Programs help our National Leaders in Ministering to the Spiritual and Physical needs of the people by:
πŸ’’ Ministry of the Word
πŸ’’ Training Ministers
πŸ’’ Feeding and Clothing the Poor
πŸ’’ Maintaining Orphanages
πŸ’’ Maintaining Schools
πŸ’’ Providing Clean Water
πŸ’’Caring for the Elderly
Please consider a regular monthly donation in support of these outreaches. Contact the International Headquarters at 1-636-586-3641 or by writing to:

Association of International Gospel Assemblies Inc.
411 South Third Street - DeSoto, Missouri 63020 
Phone: 636-586-3641
or by email  AIGA

contact Missions Chairman Dr. Jack Morgan